Stolen Bulldog Recovered

Because they are expensive, cute dogs that are easy to sell on the black market or a nice gift for a family member, the Bulldog breed is often a target for thieves.  

Meggan contacted me after her Bulldog had been missing for 9 days with no leads to his recovery. Thankfully, Chico was recovered by the police.

Meggan writes:
When the police busted in and found Chico, your description of the man who took him and his home could not have been more accurate. You mentioned that the man was already in trouble with the police so he was afraid to come forward for our reward.  Apparently, the police had been to the thief's home for a domestic dispute the week before Chico was found. Also, you mentioned that Chico had a need to scratch his ear due to a new ear infection he had picked up. When we took him home, we found a hematoma on his ear that required surgery.

Found Tortoise!

Shelly the Tortoise had free roam of Erika's large property but he usually showed up at Erika's home every several days.  Unfortunately, a week had gone by and Shelly had not returned home.  Erika feared Shelly was either stuck somewhere, lost or that perhaps he had passed over. 

When I communicated with Shelly, he showed me he had gone past the fence on Erika's property, he had not gone very far and then Shelly come up against a wood barrier that felt like the base of someone's home.  It felt cold and dark there.  Unfortunately, Shelly was not able to get out and he felt lost and hungry.

Erika talked to one of her neighbors and found out that the neighbor had found Shelly under his porch. The neighbor did not know what to feed a tortoise so he was planning to take Shelly to an animal shelter.

Thankfully, Shelly is home safe and wandering Erika's property again.

Erika writes;

You gave me hope!  You were right on about Shelly's location! Thank you again!

Find Out How These Two Unlikely Companions Made Friends

    My clients often report that in the process of searching for their own lost animals, they find other people’s missing pets and are able to reunite them with their owners or find the pets homes so that they are not wandering around hungry and vulnerable.  This story is more unusual because it involves the rescue of urban wildlife and a friendship that developed between a cat and a pigeon who might have just as easily ended up as the cat’s dinner.

    Jasmin contacted me after her cat Kermie had disappeared from the pet sitter’s 6th story apartment.  Apparently Kermie had gotten out an open window or managed to get out through the garbage chute and been missing for 3 days.  Jasmine feared that because of the long drop from the pet sitter’s apartment building, that Kermie would be injured and dazed and confused.

    Because Kermie could have fallen onto another roof top below, Jasmin managed to climb onto that roof top, sadly, Kermie was not there, so Jasmin feared Kermie had gotten off that roof as well.  

During her search for Kermie, Jasmin found something unexpected on the rooftop.  A pigeon was injured and close to death. Jasmine took the pigeon home and nursed the pigeon back to health.

    When I communicated with Kermie and asked where he was located, Kermie showed me he had never left the pet sitter’s apartment.  He had become frightened by the pet sitter’s children who hit each other and screamed and yelled.  Kermie showed me the children played with toys like they were at war with each other.  Kermie had gone into a closet that contained a full garbage can and had not come out since because he feared the children would hurt him.

    When I told Jasmine where Kermie was located, she found it hard to believe, but she went back over to the pet sitter’s apartment.  The pet sitter insisted that it was not possible.  However, to make a long story short, Kermie was found in the closet with the full garbage can inside.

    The good news is that not only did Kermie get to come home, he made an unlikely friend.  As you can see in the picture, Kermie and the pigeon get along just fine.  Jasmine recently emailed me to let me know that she let the pigeon go because the pigeon had fully recovered her good health.

Jasmin wrote:

    The fantastic thing about the situation with Kermie was, you said he never left the house, he described himself as feeling he was in a war zone and was in a cabinet stuffed with bags and garbage and was afraid when he heard us calling for him. When I returned to the pet sitter’s home, her kids had some war video game blasted so high, I felt anxious entering because of the sounds of constant shooting, bombs blasting, and screaming from the video game. I brought over his favorite food like you recommended, shrimp and broccoli from the Chinese takeout. I blew the aroma around. It must have driven him nuts. I left and, shortly after, the pet sitter’s kids called me saying Kermie was inside their mom’s room in her closet banging on the door to get out. I ran back and sure enough the closet was filled with bags and garbage just like you told me.

Missing Dog Found After 3 Month Search

Pretty Girl is home again!

Pretty Girl got out an open gate in June.  Two months later, Pretty Girl's owner Jenny had exhausted all other methods in her search so she decided the last thing to try was a pet psychic.  It seemed like a strong possibility that Pretty Girl might have passed over.

When I communicated with Pretty Girl, she let me know that she was alive and foraging food off the big island where they reside.  She had followed the scent of a live animal almost all the way to a creek outlet at a remote ocean beach where there was a bunch of junk and other discarded picnic items.  Pretty Girl was lost, but, her intention was to find her way home.

Jenny decided not to give up hope after all.  Two weeks later, I received good news from Jenny.

"I would like to thank you for your service, we found Pretty Girl and she's doing fine. She's really skinny but slowly gaining her weight back. Thanks again. You made my whole family happy!"

A Missing Skunk?

Ruth's missing pet skunk Zoey was no where to be found.  There were two reasons Ruth worried.  One reason was they live next to a zoo with contained bears and other wild predators.  If Zoey wandered into any of the zoo animal's habitats, Zoey might be injured or worse. The other reason was that skunks have a natural urge to wander and are known for not returning to the human friend's homes. Ruth worried that if Zoey got very far, Ruth might never see Zoey again. 

When I communicated with Zoey, she let me know that she was sleeping underneath Ruth's home and close to the puppy. ( You can watch Zoey and the adorable puppy in the frolicking in the picture.)  In Zoey's mind nothing was the matter, she would be coming out of her secret spot for dinner. 

Because Ruth could not see all the way under her home, I suggested Ruth take a break from her search and wait to see if Zoey came out at dinner time. 

I received a relieved note from Ruth a little later that day.

"You were right!  Zoey was in the house all along came out for dinner like what's all the fuss about.
I have no idea where she was sleeping but it's all good now.
Thanks for your help,

Missing Show Cat Found in Less than 5 Minutes!

Dawn R. of Delaware contacted me because her Sphynx cat Promise had been missing for a week.  Promise had become spooked and ran away from their yard when a neighbor tried to approach him.  Dawn had searched and even hired a search and rescue dog to try and locate Promise to no avail.

When I communicated with Promise he told me was hiding in the yard of a home within 3 homes of Dawn's house.  Promise said there were 2 young girls who had recently been in the yard.  Promise had heard them talking.  He had also seen a man or boy wearing a padded football uniform.  Promise said he was suffering from an allergic reaction because someone in the yard next to him had recently mowed their yard.

When I described the area, Dawn said she knew exactly the yard Promise described and the 2 young girls.  She also said that Dawn's son had gone over to that yard the day before to look for Promise. Dawn's son was wearing his football uniform when he searched for Promise.  Also the their next door neighbor had mowed his yard the day before.

Dawn went over to the yard of the home where the girls live and sat down.  She told one of the girls she was looking for Promise and for everyone to be quiet.  Just then, the girl noticed Promise hiding in a tire that sat in the yard.

Hooray!  Dawn was so happy to bring Promise home.  She was so amazed that I could help find her missing cat so quickly.


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